ARé cultural foundation print

When artists are performing abroad or just in other cities, before presenting their work, they first have to arrive at the performance site. Such a journey can involve months of planning, applying for grants and visas, getting vaccinations, searching for planes and land traffic connections, etc. In such cases, the travel can become an exciting “project” by itself, a specific, real-life performance in which the travelling artist, fellow travellers, transport companies, festival organizers, border guards, and many more people become involved in the act.

Antonin Brinda will create the performance-lecture specifically for the ARé festival. In the piece, he will explore what the land route from Central Europe to the Caucasia region entails: how easy or difficult it is to undertake such a trip; what administrative, political, infrastructural, geographical, or other issues it brings; which different cultures, people, customs, and traditions a journey from the centre of European Union to European-Asian border unveils?

One can imagine the work as a mixture of a lecture and performance art piece. It will include audio and visual material gathered during my travel - video from the trip, field sound recordings, recorded conversations with people, written notes, etc as well as a live-action.


Artist: Antonin Brinda (Czeck Republic)